Web Videos

How about creating your own story with a custom-made professional video? Steve has produced more than 100 web videos over the last 10 years for multiple clients. Web video allows you to create a story the way you want it told, unfiltered by the general news media. It’s your story. The video can be posted on your web site and/or shared via email and social media.

Steve works with clients to develop the desired content for a web video. He writes a draft script for client review, and then he works with professional videographers to shoot and edit the finished piece.

Web video is by the far the best way to engage consumers online. See this recent article about video engagement. Web video also increases the time that consumers spend on your web site. Steve specializes in in-depth reporting and video documentaries to illuminate important issues of the day.

See examples below. Contact Steve if you’d like to discuss a topic for web video.

Pine Street Woods – A Community Treasure

Lemhi Ranchers enhance fish habitat via 25-year harmonious partnership

Mink Creek Water Quality – An E. Coli Mystery Solved with DNA

ATV riding in the South Hills

Owyhee Initiative

Plantation Island Bridge Restoration Project

ESPA recharge

Beaver Dam analogs catching on in Idaho

Whiskey Creek daylighting project

Collaboration at Rock Creek Ranch

Owyhee wetlands

Sage grouse

Bud Purdy

Phil Soulen

Frank Shirts sheep