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Paddling the Payette

  • $12.95

Printed book is temporarily out of stock until April 2014.
You can still order the Full e-book and individual digital trails below.

The 10th-anniversary, 3rd Edition of Paddling the Payette by Idaho author Steve Stuebner is the best and only guide to 24 paddling trips on the Payette River.

The book retails for $12.95. It's available here on this web site, and at Idaho River Sports, Alpenglow Mountainsport, Barnes & Noble, Borders and REI in Boise, and at many outlets throughout the Payette River Basin in Banks, Cascade, McCall and Lowman.

The 112-page all-new edition features a 10-page fully illustrated chapter on the best park-and-play holes in the Payette River Basin, including popular spots like "the Gutter," "Climax Hole," "Airtime Hole," "Bennett's Hole" and the "Training Hole," among others. Boise paddler Michael Leeds performs multiple aerial maneuvers as captured in digital images in the park-and-play chapter and on the book cover.

Paddling the Payette provides a detailed guide to 9 whitewater day trips and 15 canoeing trips on the North, South, Middle and Main Forks of the Payette River. It also contains historical tidbits, including a chapter on Francois Payette, the French-Canadian fur trapper who put his name on the river in the early 1820s, and lived in SW Idaho for more than 30 years as a true mountain man.

Payette River Locator Maps

Day Trip Maps for Sale

Two-sided laminated waterproof maps are available for any of the 23 day trips in Paddling the Payette @ $2.95 each. Each map has two trips on it. View and purchase maps here.

Paddling the Payette

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