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Paddling the Payette

  • $12.95

The 10th-anniversary, 3rd Edition of Paddling the Payette by Idaho author Steve Stuebner is the best and only guide to 24 paddling trips on the Payette River.

The book retails for $12.95. It's available here on this web site, and at Idaho River Sports, Alpenglow Mountainsport, Barnes & Noble, Borders and REI in Boise, and at many outlets throughout the Payette River Basin in Banks, Cascade, McCall and Lowman.

The 112-page all-new edition features a 10-page fully illustrated chapter on the best park-and-play holes in the Payette River Basin, tips on SUP trips, and a new section on Kelly’s Whitewater Park.

Paddling the Payette provides a detailed guide to 9 whitewater day trips and 15 canoeing trips on the North, South, Middle and Main Forks of the Payette River. It also contains historical tidbits, including a chapter on Francois Payette, the French-Canadian fur trapper who put his name on the river in the early 1820s, and lived in SW Idaho for more than 30 years as a true mountain man.

Payette River Locator Maps

Day Trip Maps for Sale

Two-sided laminated waterproof maps are available for any of the 23 day trips in Paddling the Payette @ $2.95 each. Each map has two trips on it. View and purchase maps here.

Paddling the Payette

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