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Mountain Biking in McCall

  • $12.95

Welcome to the all-new 3rd edition of Mountain Biking in McCall.

It’s hard to imagine a more premium place to ride than in the lush, shady forests in McCall, Cascade and New Meadows. The Payette Lakes region boasts thousands of square miles of public land that’s spiderwebbed by a vast network of singletrack and jeep roads in a wilderness-like setting.

As part of your mountain bike adventure, you’ll commonly encounter postcard views of craggy granite mountains, tall-grass meadows, sparkling lakes and streams, a rainbow of wildflowers and a rich diversity of wildlife. It’s a mountain paradise.

The 3rd edition of Mountain Biking in McCall features 40-plus rides—from a number of short singletrack rides to a ton of intermediate rides to full-day epic adventures for experts.

Check out the ride list, master map and click on the sample rides to get a taste of Mountain Biking in McCall. - SS

Mountain Biking in McCall

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